"Ivanova & Hristozov" Law Firm
"Ivanova & Hristozov" Law Firm
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         In case you wish to be consulted online, please state your case in the field below and press  the "Submit" button. On the e-mail address , provided by you, we will send you information about the ammount of our attorney fee,  payment conditions and additional  items if necessary to be clearified upon the subject. After transfering the fee, the required report shall be send to your e-mail.

               Invoice upon the implimented consultation shall be send on the same e-mail and if required to a post address specified by you.

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Mrs.  Magda Ivanova:
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An english version sample of Declaration upon art.246 (1 ) of theTax and Social Security Procedures Code of the Rep.of Bulgaria (obligatory in any case of  constituation or transfer of property rights   upon immovables or company capital aport).
An english version sample of Citizenship and civil status declaration upon art. 25 (8)  of Notaries and notaryactivity act (obligatory for persons in any case of  sale ,gift and exchange contracts verified by notaries).